A team thrives on the individuality of its members

Our team is made up of diverse personalities.

If you work for us, we are not so much interested in the qualifications you have but rather in the results you produce and what kind of goal you work towards.

As soon as you work for netinsiders, you will enjoy all the freedom that a virtual high tech company can offer!

We offer a job in a green surrounding, far away from the hectic pace, an extremely cool loft with 100 mbit glass fibre connection (upload and download) and a work environment beyond the usual conventions.

Together we optimise the online world of our national customers a bit more every single day.

Mirko Gosch

Mirko Gosch | mg@

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Mirko is a professionally trained legal expert and our "Marketing Mad Man". He has found his purpose in online marketing. He loves to apply the proven concepts for success of American online marketers to the German market. This way, the companies/customers that rely on netinsiders are always at least one step ahead of the competition.

Güde Ulrich

Güde Ulrich | gu@

Organisations- und Multitalent

Güde is an expert in juggling with our business numbers and administrative tasks. She produces professional, inspirational videos for netinsiders customers. Moreover, Güde is always ahead of the rest when it comes to social media. In her leisure time, she likes to exercise and enjoy a good time with her friends in her home town of Eckernförde.

Frederik Horn

Frederik Horn | fh@

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Fred is a visionary and founder of netinsiders. His passion: Bringing any company or any project of our customers on the road to online success with the help of user-friendly and efficient digital software and tools.