Frederik Horn
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Data protection officer DSB-TÜV

Frederik Horn

Fred is a visionary and founder of netinsiders. His passion: Bringing any company or any project of our customers on the road to online success with the help of user-friendly and efficient digital software and tools.

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Just like Steve Jobs, I founded this company to provide people like you and me with the most advanced technology and software.


Our software solutions are intuitive and easy to use. For us, design follows function and security is of utmost importance.

Simple, secure and efficient.


Under the project name "ni mastercontrol" (nimc) netinsiders is working on providing our customers with the most user-friendly and advanced CMS/CRM tool worldwide.


What do you like most about working at netinsiders?

I love each and every day working on our projects together with my fantastic team. I think we are more than only colleagues. We are joined together by one vision, and in all this time of working together, real friendships have been established. That's how it should be. Awesome. All the time.

What do you remember most about last year? Were there any particular highlights?

ni mastercontrol 1.0 by netinsiders proved to be a stable solution for months on end. Naturally, I was particularly happy about that. As with all visions, there are still a few bugs in this comprehensive software at the moment, but the next version, ni mastercontrol 2.0 will come with the fixes.

Are you more of a dog or a cat person? Why?

Dog. My family used to have dogs when I was little and I grew up with them.



Which place in the world is your most favourite?

That's definitely Ko Pha-ngan in Thailand. I went there in 2000.

Ko Pha-ngan in Thailand
You walk into the water until it is up to the knees, and then there are a bunch curious fish swimming around your feet. The whole day full of relaxation, no internet (OK, I admit that nowadays I might not like that for too long any more ;-)), great weather and a vibrant night life, for example the legendary Full Moon Party.

Which place in the world do you want to visit in the future?

There are quite a few candidates, but I really want to see great fireworks from above at some place.

What's your favourite food? What's your favourite drink?

The grilled herb steak at the 5-star butcher's shop Holst in Rieseby just around the corner from where I live is amazing.
My favourite drink is strawberry milk ;-), but in the evening, a good Heineken is the drink of my choice.

Is there a song that you cannot get out of your head and want to listen to again and again? Your all-time favourite song?

GoForFred Q1 - that's how it all started.

Or this one here, which I recorded on tape from the radio a long time ago and used to listen to often. Very often.

Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes (Official Video)

Share a video with us that you think is especially great. Why this video?

We've known for a long time how important the mind-set is when pursuing a great vision. And we've known even longer how important it is to share knowledge and information the right way.
I think Steve Jobs' speech from June 2005 is brilliant. His probably most famous and motivating speech, held at the graduation ceremony at Stanford University in Palo Alto in California, impresses me again and again.
No matter how often I watch the video, I always find new approaches I can use in my daily work. I get really immersed in the video and that's so much fun. Here's the video with the German translation.