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mastercontrol from netinsiders is your comprehensive content management system that makes child's play of publishing, administering and monetarising online content without the need for programming skills.
All functions of mastercontrol are based on APPs. This allows you to integrate new functions into your pages with a few simple clicks and in less than a minute.

eCommerce Formel

eCommerce formula

The eCommerce formula - for successful online dealers and for those who finally want to become successful.
Discover how the new eCommerce formula can help you build and successfully operate a professional and profitable online shop for physical products in just 8 weeks.



niCRM will make intuitive child's play of customer relationships management (CRM), immediately increasing the productivity of your enterprise. Gone are the days when notes and correspondence with customers were distributed over many different computers, forming an unmanageable data disaster that had to be manually combined first, with great expenditure of time. With niCRM, all essential customer information is in the same location.

Cloud based, the niCRM-Software is available to all sales personnel of an enterprise, providing real time information and notes on customers as well as easy-to-use customer management tools – at all times, from anywhere and always up to date.