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The largest source of information in history. Tim Berners-Lee and the beginnings. Berners-Lee also wrote the first web server software. The computer the software was installed on could be reached under the name info.cern.ch. At Christmas 1990, Berners-Lee provided the first worldwide web pages written in HTML there.

Picture: Visualisation of a part of the internet
Source: Wikipedia

His ideas back then were quite different from what the web actually looked like in the end. Berners-Lee always wanted web pages to be editable online so that the website visitors could continue writing texts provided the website operators granted them the required writing permissions for the files. However, the web browsers that prevailed on the market in the end were only software tools that allowed reading texts online.

Initially, the web was not a sure-fire success. Berners-Lee and his project team tried hard to make the web known and to establish it. At an international hypertext conference in 1991 they introduced the project. They established contact with programmers of different systems, and this way the first web browsers were created. Only the availability of such browsers allowed other people with internet access to open websites. Nicola Pellow, a young employee and mathematician at CERN wrote the first text mode-oriented browser that was more or less usable. In 1992, the first browsers for graphical user interfaces named Erwise and Viola were created as well. At the same time, the number of web servers that were used to provide websites also increased. At first, mostly scientific institutions participated. Source: http://de.selfhtml.org/intro/internet/www.htm

The "World Wide Web" (WWW) does not necessarily equal the internet.The internet is a global network made up of numerous computer networks that makes it possible to provide services such as e-mailing, chatting or data exchange. The WWW is the most famous of those services and allows the transfer and viewing of websites using an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

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