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Everyone uses the

same principles

We observe the internet independently.
We illuminate the bright and the dark side of the internet.

We go about things with the utmost professionalism and analytical skills.

The web is what you make of it.

That’s the motto follow and we develop new approaches.

Simple and secure.

Let's talk

about the future

Back in 2003...
...we made a desktop computer out of a box of beer. That was fun.


...ten years later, this all works a bit differently.


We start really small...
....and assemble six Raspi’s and look where we are going from there. In the video, we show you the beginnings of our Raspberry Pi Network. Enjoy.



The first tests were promising and we could play full HD videos via a Pi. Very fascinating, as only one USB power supply is needed, which results in a very low power consumption.


It's all art
Our mastercontrol can also be accessed via the browser Chromium. Tests with other browsers initially only led to unsatisfying results.

The computer in the size of a pack of cigarettes convinced us.